Call the S.W.A.T. Team, We’ve Got A Wild One with Devannon Hubert

Devannon Hubert is the host of Sex, Drugs, and Jesus, a podcast that highlights taboo concepts and the people that enjoy them. He joined me on Ramble by the River to discuss his life as a gay man, his experience of being excommunicated from his church, his time in the military, his rise to prominence in the black-market drug trade; his HIV diagnosis; and his eventual arrest by SWAT team. We covered a lot of ground over two hours and kept coming back to ideas about how to practice acceptance and tolerance in a world that sometimes feels so hostile and unforgiving that selfless love feels impossible. We covered hypnosis, drug abuse, religion, romance, social manipulation, oppression, hate, love, and podcasting. Devannon brings his irreverent and hilarious sense of humor to these heavy topics and the result is something magical.  

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