Hear Some Evil (With DeVannon Hubert)

Emerson sits down with De’Vannon to share some stories. De’Vannon Hubert is a writer, entrepreneur, and podcaster. He’s the author of the book “Sex, Drugs, and Jesus: A Memoir of Self-Destruction and Resurrection.” He also hosts a podcast under the same name: Sex, Drugs, and Jesus. De’Vannon has had a wild ride and he depicts it beautifully and in quite detail in his memoir. I would highly recommend everyone to give it a read, but don’t listen to his audiobook without headphones…. you will give anyone with a penis in a 20-yard radius a throbbing erection; it’s colorfully pornographic.

As De’Vannon is also a Veteran, it seemed fit to release this on Veteran’s Day. Thank you all that served and continue serving.

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