Magical Lessons

Magic, spell work, Hoodoo, Voodoo, witchcraft, Wicca etc. – such work goes by many names. Maybe you have been the victim of dark practices by petty bitches like I have? Maybe you have witnessed a loved one devolve and you couldn’t quite figure out what happened and why? Maybe you find yourself struggling to gain balance and could use a nudge in the right direction? Maybe there is chaos in your love life and you can’t figure out where the hell it came from?

Zoom Calls

Last Tuesday in each month

$15 per one hour

In my once-a-month classes I will be teaching you concepts of various spiritual practices to help enhance the life of you and your loved ones. I will demonstrate candle magic, the use of incense, parchment paper, white magic seals, spiritual baths, cleansing salts/rituals and a litany of other things. God has given us all kinds of items to use in spiritual warfare so let’s learn about them together. No need to suffer my darlings – there’s just no need. 
Each class is $15 and will last approximately one hour with a Q&A after that can go as long as it needs to. You will not be required to show your face or real name. Discretion is understood. Periodt. After each class you will be emailed an outline that goes over each item I used, links to where you can get them from as well as contact information for clairvoyants and light workers I consult with. Once you have attended one class you may contact me at any time with further questions about what to use and how to use it as often as you need to. 
Classes are done via Zoom and will be conducted the last Tuesday in each month unless otherwise stated with ​***:
No black magic will not be taught – defenses against black magic will be shared in a specific lesson to come
***All information given during these lessons is based on my knowledge and intuition and not meant to take the place of consulting a mental health and/or medical professional***
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