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De’Vannon Hubert – Sex Drugs and Jesus

De’Vannon Hubert is the author of Sex, Drugs, and Jesus, a memoir about his struggles with drug addiction, homelessness, serving in the Armed Forces, an HIV+ diagnosis, and rejection from his church for his sexuality.

De’Vannon is also the host of the Sex, Drugs, and Jesus Podcast and is the owner of DownUnder Apparel. Aside from this, De’Vannon is an Honorably discharged veteran of the United States Air Force and a graduate of both Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and the Hypnosis Motivation Institute.

De’Vannon’s story is one of surviving the social outskirts and finding one’s way back to a balanced path.

Introducing Me

For De’Vannon, Sex, Drugs, and Jesus is both the name of his memoir and his podcast. His life turned to drugs after being kicked out of the church, but he’s been able to turn his life back around. Having dealt with homelessness, he is now the owner of DownUnder Apparel and preaches the importance of mental health and choosing your own family. 

How Christians & the LGBTQ+ Community Find Common Ground with Guest De’Vannon Hubert

Growing up in the Christian church, De’Vannon struggles with understanding his sexuality and its role as a Christian man.
He fell into the trap of trying to pray to “get rid of his gay-ness.”

That is until he found a life-changing understanding of sexuality.
De’Vannon says that “sex is a natural thing like breathing and eating.” 

Jessica B. and De’Vannon discuss this concept and other ideas that are often brought to question when figuring out how homosexuality and Christianity occupy the same space.

Call the S.W.A.T. Team, We've Got A Wild One with Devannon Hubert

Devannon Hubert is the host of Sex, Drugs, and Jesus, a podcast that highlights taboo concepts and the people that enjoy them. He joined me on Ramble by the River to discuss his life as a gay man, his experience of being excommunicated from his church, his time in the military, his rise to prominence in the black-market drug trade; his HIV diagnosis; and his eventual arrest by SWAT team. We covered a lot of ground over two hours and kept coming back to ideas about how to practice acceptance and tolerance in a world that sometimes feels so hostile and unforgiving that selfless love feels impossible.

We covered hypnosis, drug abuse, religion, romance, social manipulation, oppression, hate, love, and podcasting. Devannon brings his irreverent and hilarious sense of humor to these heavy topics and the result is something magical.


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